Listen now: podcast version of “How many errors trigger a book reprint?”

shocked flickr-com:photos:84744710@N06:7997288513:Rewritten for the audio format, and with a new quote or two: here is my first foray into podcasting in which I discuss errors in printed books and how often they get fixed.
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Enjoy the verbal stumbles, and my talent for voicing others’ comments. New career! 😉

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For a print version of this topic, visit the Canadian, Eh? column on It’s published under the title: “How many errors trigger a reprint?

You may also be interested in hearing a newer podcast about error rates in editing, a post which provides research evidence that a 95% error correction rate is exceptionally high quality.

This is my first foray into the audio realm (thus the flubs and verbal stumbles). I hope to turn more of the posts into audio versions, since I prefer audio consumption myself after a long day of staring at print. I appreciate your comments and suggestions.




The photo is by Jon Bunting used under CC by 2.0 license.