Master Word’s Find and Replace Function with Wildcards and Codes


Word info in my favourite links this week: One series on customizing Word, and two free resources that will help you use Word’s Find and Replace function like an absolute master. Pro tip: If these steps are not working, turn off track changes.


Walk on the wild side & step up your editing productivity: wildcards for find & replace, on James Harbeck’s Sesquiotic blog.


Advanced Find and Replace for Microsoft Word, from Jack Lyon at Editorium. It is the second resource listed on that page. This site has other free downloads that editors will find useful. Jack has a reputation for reliability with these things, so enjoy.


And this is another series about Word, but these posts are about customizing it and turning off the “helpful” features.


This is a list of “regular expressions” that you can use in the Find and Replace fields.

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