No rest for the freelancer: having deadlines when the rest of the world is on holiday

“Holidays” are the focus of this podcast episode, in which I whine and complain about the Xmas–New Years “break” full of weather snafus and deadlines. It’s another “pull back the curtain” episode. It’s better than it sounds here. I promise. Though, you may hear a couple of yawns.

Press play below or right-click to download. 7:38 min

cat sleep by Sister72

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How did you handle your alternative schedule over the holidays? Did your family accept that you had deadlines? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on Twitter.


Mentioned in this episode:

  • How knackered I am. That is all.





The sleeping cat illustrating this episode is by Sister72 used under CC BY 2.0 license.


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