Even the Lorem Ipsum Needs Proofreading

Tweet this post.Today, in my How To column at Copyediting.com, Greeked text so garbled that even Cicero would roll in his grave:


Say goodbye to Roll Up Roulette an thed hello to a new way to WIN. Lourm ipsum astro even easier way to WIN ipsun redeem instant prizes! Now you can keep on a lourum RRRolling Replay ispuye to Roll Up Replay an thedio to a new way toum RRRolling Replay ispuye to Roll Up Replay.


full table talker containing error-filled placeholder text

Click for a close up of the error-riddled Greeked text in the “screen shot” part of this table talker advertisement.

Mentioned in this post:

Thanks to Steph Cilia VanderMeulen for brining the story to my attention, and to Tim Hortons for providing the story.

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