portrait of Adrienne MontgomerieMy work is about knowledge transfer — either facilitating it from experts or presenting it directly, myself. I believe we can make even the most complex ideas and procedures easy for learners to take in, maybe even to master.

I am known for pulling together multifaceted projects created by teams in a form that suits both the learner and the learning environment.

I do this work because I find the challenge invigorating and I love the learning that I get along the way. My clients choose me repeatedly because I solve their problems, I am fun to work with, and I deliver high-quality on time.

They know me as scieditor: a teacher of editors and technology, a writer at copyediting.com, a certified copyeditor, a speaker, and developer of a phonics app for iPad.

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right angels and polo bears


  • certified copy editor (via EAC)
  • physics and philosophy, with special interest in astronomy and chemistry
  • developing school science textbooks for Canada’s main educational publishers since 1997
  • college instructor


What I am known for

  • teaching editors to use software
  • being a techie — “geek” is acceptable
  • publishing podcasts and video tutorials
  • laughing
  • social media
  • freelancing
  • marketing advice
  • exploring emerging trends & interviewing leaders


  • words in non-print contexts (video, radio, presentations)
  • e-learning and mobile learning platforms/ principles
  • multimedia presentations
  • science, especially physics
  • economics of social phenomena (Freakonomics)

Things you should know

(personal statement)

I talk with my hands, can’t see past my elbow without glasses, and only take in fiction in audio or video formats. I like writing and teaching as much as I like editing. I believe writers can learn enormous amounts about storytelling (for fiction and non-fiction purposes) by taking in forms other than print (plays, radio, film), and that maybe their training is inadequate if they exclude those forms.


Title credits are listed in the portfolio. Click the social media icons at the top to connect, or email adrienne@scieditor.ca.

You can also read an interview with me on Copyediting.com.

I spent two terms as national director of communications for the Editors’ Association of Canada.


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All opinions expressed on this site are mine alone, unless someone else’s name is on them.

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