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An editor of words, mostly those in instructional materials — and mostly on technical subjects such as science.

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Sep 19

LOTW, Sept 13–19

Seems it was a slow week on the interwebs. Probably, like my authors, their noses are to the grindstone and they’re not ready to return the file to the editor. #twiddlethumbs. Still we’ve got a plagiarism identification flowchart, a chart naming all the colours, and how to write double-duty headlines (for both appeal and SEO) in this week’s roundup. Oh! And don’t forget to watch out for your bedsheets. Apparently they killed 717 Americans in 2009 alone.

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Sep 17

Capital Style in Canada

close up photo of upper & lowercase keys on antique typewritter

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Anarchy! Aesthetics, tradition, and readership all cited as legitimate factors in capitalization style. Have the Canadians lost it? Today, in my Canadian, Eh? column at

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Sep 16

Career Mojo for the Unplanner

photo collage of man with coffee escaping explosion in elevator shaft

Get your mojo out of slow mo with this career-focussed episode. Career paths without planning: how to stay on top of new developments and build opportunities are covered in this episode, a considerable expansion on a series of Adrienne’s posts on the blog. It’s a longer episode: just over 18 minutes. So you should be able to get lots of dishes done while you listen.

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Where are you looking for signs of change? What are you interested in? What is at the top of your PD list? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page.


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The image for this episode is by David Blackwell, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.


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Sep 15

Schedule Learning to Double Your Income

photo collage of a person floating in life preserver with book overhead while ship sinks in ice-berg watersTweet this quote.Hyperbole aside, I do make a cogent (IMHO) argument that you simply must schedule time to up your game. Like the red queen said: we’re running just to stay in place. And I really did just about double my income the year I started scheduling time to learn new editing-related skills. Today, in my How To column at to my columns on


Photo by David Blackwell used under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.


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Sep 12

LOTW, Sept 6–12

I want to be a swearing consultant. Also in this week’s links: what if editing doesn’t affect the bottom line? Editing on screen versus paper (some sciency analysis) and a hurry-up-and-wait cartoon for editors.

Here’s this week’s interweb awesomeness for editors:

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Sep 10

Why You Should Join Your Clients’ Professional Association

coloured peas in pod

Why not go where your clients are? Participate in their professional organizations so that you can make them aware of your services. Don’t sell to them, but offer your expert advice when it’s asked for, volunteer your expertise in posts for their blog…

Tweet this quote.Consider your niches, your beat, your clients, today, in my Canadian, Eh? column at
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Photo by Kosky Koshy used under CC BY-2.0 license.


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Sep 09

snafu maintenance — we’ll be right back

Yes, the latest site update snafu’d all the plug-ins and widgets. We’re working on it. Because, you know, it’s not like we’ve got paying deadlines or anything. Maybe time, rum, and fluffy kitten will fix it?


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Sep 09

Computer tools for copy editors: macros

close up photo of computer control (ctrl) keyThe few macros I use have made my editing better and faster, but I still only use about three consistently. What am I missing out on? Illuminate me! Tell me what your macros do.

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Sep 08

How to Make Effective Use of a Lull

photo of tiny toy janitor figurine with confetti messOr, learn from my fail: a checklist. Today, in my How To column at

I did pretty well really, over the last few lulls. It was only number three that I really failed at. Spectacularly.


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screenshot portion of the printable checklist

Print off copies of the checklist and jot specifics you think of when you are too busy working, so that you’ll remember what you want to learn, do, and explore when you finally have the time. Tweet this story.


Photo by JD Hancock used under CC BY-2.0 license.
Creative Commons License
Checklist for a Work Lull by Adrienne Montgomerie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Sep 07

Does editing matter?

photo close up on wide eye and bandanaDo typos hurt sales? Are the potential losses worth the cost of editing? A colleague recently called for a defensible study — presumably so we could argue with certainty that we editors are worth our weight in gold.
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I’ve written a lot about (and of) typos over the years. This is where I’m recording what I find. Come back for updates, and please send me new links.

Are we prepared to find out that editing does not affect the bottom line?

Ready the smelling salts.

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