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Jun 01

Word Count Comparison

Tweet this quote.Different word processing software will give you a different word count in the very same document. I look at some of the variations today, in my How To column at Copyediting.com. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nov 21

LOTW Nov 15–21

This week’s roundup of internet stuff and things for publications and science types (with some nothing-but-fun thrown in for balance):

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  • why dangling modifiers aren’t a problem
  • ACES chat about estimating an edit and red flags (warning signs)
  • ebook publishing options
  • a brief history of (tech) failure
  • Postmodern Jukebox — genre adaptations of pop songs. Fun, and most excellent singing with fun arrangements.
  • the argument against (and the bad research supporting) rote homework

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Oct 06

Put Down the Darts and Pick Up the Timer

close up photo of darts in a dart boardTweet this quote.
Stop throwing darts at a board when you need to estimate. Track your pace so you have the data to estimate a project with confidence. What you need to track and how to start, today, in my How To column at Copyediting.com.


Other Benefits of Timing Yourself

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Jul 15

Productivity Rates in Editing

“How long will it take to edit this?”

By wwarby William Warby (CC BY 2.0)


The question comes up a lot. At first, estimating seems like a shot in the dark. The best bet is to do a few random pages and multiply your findings to take in the whole manuscript. Also, take 60 seconds to edit a sample and identify the most pressing changes that are needed. However…


Pages/words per hour guidelines follow.


Calculate time and cost in a click.



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