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Mar 21

How to Hand Out Business Cards

Today in my How To column at Copyediting.com.

My business cards are the ones on top in the photo. The right angels and polo bear are enough of a conversation piece that I’m pretty sure my contacts remember me even without the card.

The opposite side of my card has only my name. No contact info is given. I like to work with people who know how to Google. This is my sort of technological screening tool. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 10

Global Editors Converge on Toronto, Canada, Eh?

Packing for the editing conference in Toronto today, which I anticipate in my Canadian, Eh? column at Copyediting.com. You can share in the fun and learning online by searching #editors15 on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe on Instagram too, once the tiaras and sparkly dresses start to emerge. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 09

EAC 2014 — editors’ conference report

20140608-135947-50387313.jpgThanks to social media, I got insights from sessions I couldn’t clone myself to be in, and took notes and benefitted from others’ notes in the same session. Storify is helping me bring it all together, but because the story turned out so BIG, I’m redoing it in sections.

I can keep adding to the Storify, so send me your URLs and keep tweeting with the #EAC2014 hashtag and I’ll pick up what I like. You can also tweet me directly: @scieditor.

These reports are my conference takeaway. Your mileage may vary.

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May 23

Social Media Readings for Freelance Editors

There's nothing quite like taking the social out of social events.

When I moved, I threw out 350 of the 500 business cards that I printed when I first set out as a freelancer, 14 years earlier. So how should I be marketing? Editors and authors often wonder (with me) if social media deserves the hype it gets, and if it is something they must learn to use. Here’s the truth about social media:

  1. It is the real world.
  2. Promotion is about being top of mind.
  3. Do it well, or not at all.
  4. E-whatever is for-e-ver.

There are fruitful contacts to be made through social media. Go where your clients are. Go where you like to spend time. And for the love of humanity, if you are in a place where there are people and colleagues and clients, spend time with them. [And hand out those business cards.]


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May 15

Social Media Strategies for Freelance Editors

group of wooden game board menIt has been three years since I wrote about social media for freelance editors; forgive me. Not much of my opinion has changed about social media (or maybe it has come full circle), but my ideas about how to approach this networking arena have taken shape. (Read my definition of what is social media and what is not.)

How to approach social media

  1. Use a management tool
  2. Use lists and circles
  3. Give something away
  4. Converse
  5. Build relationships
  6. Go where your clients are


More in this series: reviewsdefined, readings



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May 20

Survive and thrive at a conference

As the annual editors’ conference approaches, my mind turns to the strategies others have taught me over the years.

  1. Have strategies to meet people
  2. Take names
  3. Wear comfortable shoes
  4. Plan for down time
  5. Update your avatar
  6. Follow up

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Nov 24

How to Find Freelance Editing Work

i can haz edit?

An editor just told me she’s desperate for work and striking out in the freelance world. She’s not awake yet, so I looked her up everywhere I could think of, to find out what kind of editing she does. I have potential clients for her, if she has the subject matter experience.

She has ZERO professional presence online.


404 Editor Not Found


I still don’t think that having an online presence is THE way to get work. But NOT having one is a good way to prevent offers.


Consider the world wide web to be integral in the modern-day network:

  1. Meet people
  2. Fill in your profiles
  3. Interact online
  4. Create your own content


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