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Dec 03

8 Ways a Ruler Rocks Editing

Tweet this quote.close up on numbers 789 on a clear rulerHow do you use a ruler when editing? I list 8 uses for rulers at (not of) the editing desk, today in my Canadian, Eh? column at Copyediting.com.

Link to my Canadian, Eh? column on Copyediting.com


Photo by Theilr, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license. 

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Jun 25

Checklist for Editing Captions

closeup photo of 3 mackerel fish


Captions are a weak link in the quality assurance chain, being something most people skim or skip while reviewing a document. This makes checking captions an easy way to earn your keep as a copy editor or proofreader. Today, in my Canadian, Eh? column at Copyediting.com, get a QA checklist for editing captions.Tweet about this printable checklist.

Get a printable Checklist for Editing Captions here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 12

Mark up Title Corrections for Video Using PDF

Anything you can take a screen shot of can be marked up as a PDF. Here is a quick demo showing how to mark up corrections to titles (or captions) in a video. It uses the free Adobe Reader XI software.

Steps are written out below.


Steps to create a PDF from a screen shot

  1. Launch the video / program or whatever.
  2. Pause the playback at the right moment.
  3. Take a screen shot (see tips below).
  4. Create PDF by opening the screen shot in your preferred viewer or pasting it into a Word document, then selecting “Save as PDF” or “print to PDF.”
  5. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader XI. (Make sure it opens in the program, and not within a web browser window.)


Ways to take a screen shot

  • [Mac] ⌘ + shift + 4 — drag crosshairs around selection to copy
  • [Mac] ⌘ + shift + 4, release, then spacebar — click on window to copy whole thing
  • [iPad, iPhone] home button + power button — saves screen image to photo album
  • [PC] No idea. Google it.


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Jun 08

Intro to Advanced Acrobatics

This handout is from my presentation at the EAC 2014 conference. Get a printable PDF version here.

Mark up any file you can print to/save as PDF and absolutely anything you can take a screen shot of: website flash menus, apps, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, and good old text manuscripts. You can do all of this with the free Adobe Reader XI that works on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Summary of Tools in Comment Panel

comment menu in Adobe Acrobat Reader XIDrawing Markups work like an electronic pencil.

Annotations mark up text much like Word’s Track Changes feature. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nov 05

Error Rates in Editing: What’s Your Save Percentage? (podcast)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/67161590@N03/7770622796/in/photolist-cQEtr7-8fhQti-7jqEPPIn this 5 min podcast I explore scientific evidence for what kind of error correction rate is humanly feasible. We’ll look at industry standards for copyeditors and proofreaders, too.

Press play below or subscribe to have each episode delivered to your inbox. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oct 27

Listen now: podcast version of “How many errors trigger a book reprint?”

shocked flickr-com:photos:84744710@N06:7997288513:Rewritten for the audio format, and with a new quote or two: here is my first foray into podcasting in which I discuss errors in printed books and how often they get fixed.
Tweet this quote.

Enjoy the verbal stumbles, and my talent for voicing others’ comments. New career! 😉

Press play below or subscribe to have all episodes delivered to your device for free.

For a print version of this topic, visit the Canadian, Eh? column on Copyediting.com. It’s published under the title: “How many errors trigger a reprint?



You may also be interested in hearing a newer podcast about error rates in editing, a post which provides research evidence that a 95% error correction rate is exceptionally high quality.

This is my first foray into the audio realm (thus the flubs and verbal stumbles). I hope to turn more of the posts into audio versions, since I prefer audio consumption myself after a long day of staring at print. I appreciate your comments and suggestions.




The photo is by Jon Bunting used under CC by 2.0 license.

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Aug 08

What is an acceptable error rate for a copyeditor or proofreader?

Let me clarify: How many errors can an editor let stand?


Pulled that number out of the air. (Serious numbers below.)

But seriously, I’m human, you’re human… Only [the divine] is perfect. Errors happen, and the more errors that are in a manuscript to begin with, the more errors will remain.

Even teams of editors can’t guarantee a impeccable prose.

You can have good, fast, or cheap; never all three.

— Rosemary Shipton, Canadian Editor

Heck, I’ve picked up “polo bears” (for polar), “crystal movement of tectonic plates” (for crustal), and “replace with page 273, DO NOT have image” (for “OMG you’re fired”) in finished books. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 27

Reading List: Starter kit for freelance editors

This blog now has dozens of posts that will help the new starter. Click the Starter Kit for Editors category to see them all, or start with these essentials:

Finding Work | Office Essentials | Background Skills | Is Editing for You?How to Become an Editor | Estimating Your Pace | Setting Fees | Starter Kit for Editors category


Before you edit for pay, learn the ropes:

1. Read these

Read the rest of this entry »

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Sep 19

On-screen editing course starts Oct 30th, online

In fall 2012, I taught teaching 3 classes related to editing:

  • marketing for the freelance editor, half-day seminar in Ottawa
  • editing in the educational market, half-day seminar in Ottawa (all 3 dameditors)
  • on-screen editing, an online course presented in 4 parts — read below

Below are details people have been asking for about how the online course is run / structured. Links to the other two courses are found on the Training page.

Click here for the latest course dates or to get email notification of upcoming courses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 12

Thinking of a Career in Editing?

Curious about editing? A conference is a great way to find out about the people who edit, the variety of tasks they do, and the places /clients they work for. There are many conferences.

Most editors come at the profession from other areas of expertise. They find they are good with words and have become the “go to” person at their workplace. Stepping from science (say) into science editing, is a sideways step that can be much less painful than a complete career change. The steps below can help you gain experience and an idea of whether or not editing is for you. Editors make up an incredibly diverse career group. As you navigate the early phases, remember that whatever someone tells you, the exact opposite may also be true.

The Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) released a booklet about careers in editing. You can read that advice on their website.





To learn about editing:

  1. complete exercises
  2. take a course or seminar
  3. read a style guide, or four
  4. join a professional organization
  5. attend a conference


Starter Kit for Editors category | Finding Work | Office Essentials | Background Skills | Reading List | How to Become an Editor | Estimating Your Pace | Setting Fees



To learn about freelancing:

  1. join a professional organization
  2. take a course or seminar, or attend a conference
  3. read Louise Harnby’s book Read the rest of this entry »

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