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Jul 07

How to See and Insert Non-Printing Characters in Word

Photo of a "turn right" arrow on a road, by road arrow by Phil Whitehouse used under CC BY-2.0 license.

Reveal and insert non-printing characters to control and troubleshoot formatting in MS Word. Do you know what these symbols mean?

non-breaking space character from Word Mac 11¶ · o ? ¬ ¤


Find out today — and learn how to make them, too — in my How To column at Copyediting.com.


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Photo by Phil Whitehouse used under CC BY-2.0 license.


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May 16

Correlation causation, interview with a science journalist, and spring

chain linkSpurious correlations

I am concerned by rising number of Americans who die by becoming tangled in their bedsheets: 717. All of the correlations in this hilarious mashup are surprising. If this doesn’t tell you why correlation does not mean causation, there’s no hope.


Interview with a science journalist

Listen to Ed Yong — author of “Not Exactly Rocket Science” — talk to the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hotz about science journalism, his career, and his approach to writing.

Me: looking for 2 hours to finish this…


Find files changed on [date]

cmd + f in Finder opens advanced find. Seems I altered 120 files yesterday. Busy? How to:ow.ly/wFDCC

On spring

And maybe the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard (geek level 12): RT @rdthetaI submit that we put today’s Kingston weather in a museum in France as the standard metric nice.


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Apr 21

How to column on Copyediting.com (keyboard shortcuts for selecting text)

Baby with a laptop by Paul Inkles used under CC BY-2.0 license.Today I start writing another weekly column at Copyediting.com. It covers tech tips to make your editing more efficient, effective, and (ultimately) profitable, and (occasionally) some interpersonal stuff for dealing with, you know, the humans. The How To posts appear Mondays at noon, eastern.

Keyboard shortcuts for selecting text in Word are today’s topic. This is a common enough question, as editors wonder aloud why there isn’t an easier way to do it. There is. Here are 5 faster and more precise alternatives to dragging the mouse. You might also find this earlier post useful: keyboard shortcuts you didn’t know you needed.

Bonus tip

Use any of those methods without holding the shift key and you can navigate the cursor to wherever you want it without taking your fingers off the keyboard.


Link to my Canadian, Eh? column on Copyediting.com



Photo by Paul Inkles used under CC BY-2.0 license.


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Nov 15

Keyboard shortcuts for proofreading PDFs

Editing a PDF? List of keyboard shortcuts for


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May 31

Basic PDF Mark-Up for Copy Editors and Proofreaders

[Update Jan 10, 2013: added demo video using Acrobat Reader XI — short URL: http://goo.gl/yaqzNtTweet this quote.

I never see paper anymore. Manuscripts are developed in Word, much to my chagrin. When the book goes to layout, I get page proofs in PDF form. The markup I do is in Adobe Acrobat (or Reader), which I love. I have a stylus, which I love. And my computer has a big-ass screen, search, and undo. Actual-size paper just cannot compete with that.


ITPM has beautiful layout and inspiring travel stories. You'll get lost in there. Best hide your air miles card whilst you read.

The next post shows how to mark up a PDF using stylus and stamps in Adobe Acrobat Pro9.


First, learn the traditional proofreader’s marksRead the rest of this entry »


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May 21

5 Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed

Adrienne edits with keyboard shortcuts and 11 programmed buttons on her pen-tablet

Keyboard shortcuts are just about the quickest route to efficiency for anyone who works with words. (I dare say, they’re a step toward efficiency for anyone working on a computer. My colleagues in the art and production departments sure know how to use them!) Many keyboard shortcuts are universal — they work in most programs, and across platforms (Mac/PC).

These are they keystrokes I use constantly, but have never seen on a list of shortcuts. The Mac OS instructions are provided. For Windows, try the ctrl key instead of command /apple and alt instead of opt (option).

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