Editing Visual Content

New! Online, Sept 22 – Oct 6, 2016: register now.

Are there graphics in your copy? You need to “recognize when graphic elements must be edited to clearly and effectively convey the intended meaning,” as the professional editorial standard puts it. But how? And in whose opinion?

Designed for editors, this course is about directing and refining the content of visuals, not about using software to manipulate them. Visuals include graphics, charts, illustrations, diagrams, and photos. Sometimes, even words alone become a visual when they are subjected to artistic treatment and set apart from the narrative.

Over three lessons on your own time, try your hand at applying principles. We’ll address the needs at three different phases of manuscript / product development. (That makes up the syllabus.)

Offered in conjunction with the Editorial Freelancers Association.

illustration of man laying water tiles over a desert